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Perpetuating the Legacy of Medal of Honor Recipient Desmond Doss and Promoting His Values.  


Patriotism PATRIOTISM: We support the concept of loyalty to country and devotion to freedom; and we promote living as upright citizens.

Courage COURAGE: We support the ideal of being steadfast and committed to a course of action in the face of adversity, difficulty or uncertainty.

Integrity INTEGRITY: We promote honesty and believe a commitment to doing what is morally right is of utmost importance even when no one is looking, regardless the cost.

Conviction CONVICTION: We believe conviction is indispensable for living a worthy life and is based on having a personal moral compass and resilience.

Humility HUMILITY: We are grateful for the blessings and freedoms we enjoy and promote living a humble life that provides an honorable example for the next generation.

Selflesness SELFLESSNESS: We embrace the principles of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and self-sacrifice benefiting and serving fellow humans, providing hope and healing.

Faith FAITH: We believe ultimate trust in Divine power is the foundation that motivates acts of loyalty, selflessness, humility, conviction, integrity, courage and patriotism.


  • Establish and operate a national and international non-profit organization that fulfills the mission and goals of the Foundation.
  • Promote character development, emphasizing the need for a personal moral compass and inspire youth to become honorable citizens.
  • Establish fundraising programs to sustain Foundation activities and operations.
  • Sponsor initiatives and activities to promote and perpetuate the Foundation‘s values.
  • Establish grants and provide resources to advance the Foundation‘s values.
  • Encourage social awareness and acceptance at all levels of society regardless of age, race, religion, gender, social or economic status.
  • Foster affiliations with other organizations having similar missions and goals.

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